Before the Summer Sun Fades

August is already here, which means summer is about to rapidly come to a close. I wish it could last forever (and this idea just might tie into the August box). I also wish that I could be back at the beach, where I recently vacationed. We spent a week with my husband’s family in Florida, staying in a condo overlooking the pool, pier and ocean.

view from the balcony, florida beachabove: from my ideal vantage point

I’ll tell you my secret about beach vacations: for me, it is more about being AT the beach than ON the beach. Sure, I like to spend a little time walking in the surf, finding shells and watching my kids build sand castles, but under an hour a day is just about perfect for me. Hauling all the stuff back and forth is a lot of work, my skin burns super easily, and I’m honestly always scared that something in the water is going to bite me. That’s why I like to relax on the balcony, or better yet just inside the glass sliding door in the air conditioning. I like the feeling of being at the beach… not necessarily actually being there. Lucky for me, my husband actually likes the beach and tolerates having the majority of kids-in-sand-and-waves duty.

hunky husband dealing with wild child in the wavesabove: hunky husband barely holding onto crazy kiddo

It worked out nicely that during this trip, I was working on the July box. The July box provided the tools to feel beachy all the time at home… even if home is located nowhere near the water. It included an all natural soy oil candle, kelp extract soap, shea butter hand cream, lavender sachet and super fun matches that double as incense.

contents of the july boxabove: July box... see item descriptions here

I hope those of you who got the box are feeling that ocean vibe using all of these great products. Enjoy every bit of it… there is more wonderful (summery) NOSEJOY on the way!