No nose, no joy.

I recently lost my sense of smell.

It was only for a few days, so no worries... NOSEJOY boxes will continue to ship. But, man, those few days were NOT FUN.

This has happened to me before. Every couple of years, I’ll have a cold or allergies that renders me unable to sniff even the strongest of odor. Of course, this also affects my ability to taste. One particularly depressing occurrence happened ON THANKSGIVING DAY, and I couldn’t taste any of the delicious food. I went back for a second helping of Aunt Ellie’s broccoli rice casserole, just because I knew I loved it. I had to concentrate on the warmth and texture of the dish because I had nothing else to appreciate.

This time when it happened, I’ll admit I was really freaking out. With my business depending on smell, I was feeling rather helpless. Deep down I knew that my sense of smell would return, but couldn’t escape the dreadful feeling that it might not. I came away from a Google session with the knowledge that some people lose it from a simple cold and never get it back. I also learned that it can lead to an early death. GREAT. I went around the house obsessively taking deep sniffs of every soap and candle I encountered, with no success. I would briefly celebrate when dealing with my potty-training son and his abnormally stinky feet, but mostly I was really bummed.

After a few days it returned as suddenly as it left. One afternoon I blew my nose (for the millionth time) and BAM, it was back. Then I went around the house AGAIN obsessively sniffing to be sure. I also realized the trash needed to go out and my dog desperately needed a bath. How do people without a sense of smell function? It is fascinating. For me, the NOSE is tied quite closely to JOY (see what I did there?) and without being able to smell I found myself not being able to be happy.

I hope it doesn’t happen again. Fingers crossed that this was my one time for the year!