Love for Latika

I’ve been keen on Latika soaps and bath products for a while now. Because the company is based here in Austin, TX, many local fine boutiques stock it. A husband and wife team started the brand in their home of Israel and then moved it here to the US a few years back. Since then it has really been booming. Everyone is catching on to how great it is.
When I reached out to Latika about being a part of the September box, sales rep Kara invited me to their headquarters to sample products and scents. (Can I tell you how much I love my job?) I’ve smelled their bath bombs and other goodies in stores and individually at home, but when you walk into the space where they are actually producing this stuff OH MY GOD it smells so amazing. I didn’t want to leave.

above: owners Mazzi and Erez

Years ago, when I was a retail buyer for an amazing home and gift store, I was very into a brand called Olivina Napa Valley. The line (no longer sold) featured many olive based fragrances in lotions, soaps and body butters. I thought that nothing could ever replace their olive scent. That is, until I found Latika’s Olive Grove scent. It really is even better than the Olivina brand I adored so much. I think the sandalwood and patchouli notes are a perfect addition to the olive base. The cream featured in the September box is Latika’s 4oz size, but if you are now as obsessed as I am you can purchase the 16oz size on their site.

Because I love Olive Grove so much, I thought about including the bath bomb of the same scent in the box. But, then you would have missed out on another equally fabulous aroma of Rosemary & Mint! This Rosemary Mint bomb fizzes for what seems like forever and turns the water mint green. The herby, earthy rosemary and the bright, zingy mint are a relaxing yet invigorating combination. Latika bath bombs are… well… THE BOMB because they perfume and give great color to the bath but they don’t leave a stain in the tub.

I hope everyone is loving the “Earthy Autumn” box. As always, USE and ENJOY the products because there is more great stuff on the way!

In the meantime, if you want to get your hands (and nose) on some more great Latika goods, use code “NOSEJOY” to get 20% off your order at