All About Palo Santo

Luna Sundara Palo Santo 4 stick pack

Each month, I try to include something a little unexpected in the box. For September, it is Palo Santo wood sticks. Since many of you might be unfamiliar with these, I thought I’d expound a bit for you on just how wonderful they are.

Light the stick and let it burn... flame will extinguish on its own.
Palo Santo (Spanish for “holy wood”) is a tree that grows on the coast of South America. The plant is closely related to Frankincense and Myrrh. It is in the citrus family, and you’ll notice notes of pine, mint, and lemon in its fabulous scent. The uses of the wood can be traced back to the Incan Empire, and it is often used in native ritualistic medicine. Although the scent is quite different, Palo Santo is similar to Sage in its uses. Ever heard of smudging a new house with Sage (gotta scare away those ghosts!)? You can use Palo Santo to do the same. Or just burn it after someone annoying comes over.

The smoke from Palo Santo is said to clear away bad energy, and its uplifting scent can prepare you for meditation. In addition to clearing the mind, it is said to enhance creativity and bring good fortune. Who wouldn’t want more of those things in their life? I’m not into meditating, but I’m way into boosting my creativity and my mood.

It looks so cute burning in the window!
A good thing to know about Palo Santo is that no one is cutting down trees so that you can make your home smell good. The practice of collecting Palo Santo is actually regulated by the Peruvian government. Trees and branches that have fallen must be left to dry out for 3 to 5 years. The sap crystallizes and forms resin deposits within the wood, and then suppliers collect it, cut it and get it out to happy people throughout the world.

HOW TO USE: Use a lighter to ignite your Palo Santo stick, allowing it to burn for about a minute. Waft around your home or workplace, or anywhere else you desire clear energy. Once finished, deposit the stick in a bowl of metal, glass or clay, where it will eventually burn out. Please remember to exercise caution when working with fire. You can use the sticks again and again until they are used up.

Use a ceramic or other fire proof vessel.
I hope you enjoy the Palo Santo and the other great smelling stuff in the “Earthy Autumn” September box. Enjoy it… use it all… you’ve got more on the way in October!